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Career Tech. Ed. (CTE)

Design, Visual and Media Arts pathway

Graphic DesignGraphic Design and Web Design

If you’ve ever wondered how people use computers to create amazing pieces of art and professional advertisements, this is the class for you.  Starting in Photoshop, we learn how to make exciting pieces of digital art for personal and professional use.  After learning how to create logos and t-shirt designs with Illustrator, you’ll create an online portfolio and then add to it when you become part of our real-life web design company during your senior year!

Video Production and Managerial Arts

Video ProductionVideo Production and Broadcast Journalism

Get ready to explore the exciting frontier of Digital Storytelling. From pre-production to post-production, students will learn how to craft a well-told story that gripes an audience emotionally and stays with them long after the closing credits. In a workshop atmosphere, students will develop the skills necessary to create dynamic film and broadcast stories with emphasis on scriptwriting, storyboarding, acting, directing, and editing.

Software Systems Development

SoftwareAP Computer Science Principles, AP Computer Science "A", and Cybersecurity (coming soon)

Ever wanted to know what it takes to program apps, media projects, products and computers?  Our AP program will take you through innovations like neural networks and artistic design while you learn skills to land you a job with firms like Google and Amazon.  You’ll also explore the exciting world of video games and mobile apps while learning languages like Java and Android!

Auto Systems, Diagnostics, Service and Repair pathway

AutoAuto 1 and Advanced Auto (Brakes, Steering, Suspension)

The automotive industry is always in high demand and this series of classes gets you ready to work in a real-life situation.  Using state of the art technology and equipment, our trained staff walks you through the basics of automotive diagnostics and repair and then your course of study culminates in a collection of skills in the area of repairing brakes, steering and suspension.

Auto Engine Repair & Electronics and Advanced Auto (Engine Performance and Electrical)

With more and more sport-tuned and electrical vehicles on the road, learning how to diagnose and repair issues their systems has become a quickly-growing job area.  Not only do we talk about the basics of automobile function and repair, but we also walk you through how to diagnose, fix and manage performance on a variety of engines and how to work with the newest trend, the hybrid electrical/gas engine.

Building Trades and Construction pathway

WoodworkingWoodworking 1 and Woodworking 2

There is never a shortage of need for quality woodworking and construction and this pathway prepares you for that by teaching you the basics of woodworking, safety, and design.  You’ll walk through a variety of increasingly complex projects that lead to beautiful results and then learn more as your capstone course teaches you how to create larger and more complex objects and structures.