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School Counseling

School Counselors

Contact Kelley Brinkerhoff  Kelley Brinkerhoff (760) 901-8033 Counselor
Contact Elizabeth Cruz  Elizabeth Cruz (760) 901-8035 Counselor
Contact Vince Daughrity  Vince Daughrity (760) 901-8108 AARC Counselor
Contact Sada Felix  Sada Felix (760) 901-8042 School Counselor
Contact Liz Hunter  Liz Hunter (760) 901-8036 Counselor
Contact Kathleen McCann  Kathleen McCann (760) 901-8041 Counselor
Contact Socorro Ruiz  Socorro Ruiz (760) 901-8034 Counselor
Contact Lori Tauber  Lori Tauber (760) 901-8037 Counselor


Contact Finstuen Carol  Finstuen Carol Psychologist
Contact Donnelly Luna  Donnelly Luna Psychologist

Counseling support staff

Contact Caitlin Degrafft  Caitlin Degrafft (760) 901-8051 College and Career Center
Contact Maggie Duenas  Maggie Duenas (760) 901-8031 Counseling Secretary
Contact Rosa Flanagan  Rosa Flanagan (760) 901-8040 Guidance Tech
Contact Bonnie Robinson  Bonnie Robinson (760) 901-8039 Guidance Tech