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Library Staff

Library Media Center Staff

Teacher Librarian: Jeanna Wersebe

Teacher, program director, instructional partner, information literacy specialist.

(760) 901 - 8047

Library Media Technician: Cheryl Swem

Assists with library services. Oversees library book distribution, calendar, organization, and fines. Manages library equipment.

(760) 901 - 8008

AV/Textbook Technician: Mackenzie Weaver

Assists with Library services. Oversees textbook/class novels,  organization, and distribution. Manages AV equipment and copiers. 

(760) 901 - 8048

Got Questions? Ask a Librarian!

The Wildcat Librarian is available to help with your research needs—whatever they may be!  If you don't know where to get started stop at the front desk and share that you need help during library hours.  You can always write an email too:


Ask by Email

Answered by the Wildcat Librarian within 24 hours (Mon–Fri).

Textbook Information

Students are issued textbooks at the beginning of the school year or upon enrollment at El Camino High School. Students are required to return their textbooks to the AV room or library at the end of the year or when a student leaves ECHS.  Any books that are lost need to be paid for  or returned before a student leaves school. 

Many of the textbooks issued to students are meant to be taken home and used for studying and completing homework.  These books should be taken home and kept in a safe place. Also, please do not store books in classrooms or lend them to friends since students are ultimately responsible for the textbooks.  If you have any additional questions in regards to textbooks, please call the AV/Textbook Technician at (760) 901 - 8048.

Wildcat Online Library Catalog

Library Catalog


All login information is the same as if you were signing into a desktop computer at school:

Student ID and then your 8 digit birthday, which signs you into the Oceanside Rapid ID Portal

Click on the Destiny box 

Click on El Camino High School link

In the top right hand corner, click on log in

Destiny Discover Tab is on the left hand side

Destiny Discover -- Read eBooks Anywhere on Any Device

Check out an eBook through Destiny Discover App!


eBook Logo

After you download the Destiny Discover App, check out your next great read plus eBooks are automatically returned.  No worries!