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All login information is the same as if you were signing into a desktop computer at school:

Student ID and then your 8 digit birthday, which signs you into the Oceanside Rapid ID Portal

Click on the Destiny box 

Click on El Camino High School link

In the top right hand corner, click on log in

Destiny Discover Tab is on the left hand side

Download the Destiny Discover App to access the wildcat catalog

Destiny Discover App Logo

Click on the above Destiny Discover App Image for specific directions on accessing your student account and explore the library catalog!

Easy way to renew library books and place a hold on your next read.


Library Policies

Circulation Procedures and Policies

Wildcat Library’s Mission and Vision Statement:

Our mission is to provide activities and resources to support the school's curricula and to assist students and staff in 1) becoming effective and discriminating users of information; 2) developing a pattern of lifelong learning, and 3) fostering a love of reading.

Our vision is to help build a generation of students who can successfully meet the challenges of an ever-changing 21st century by providing technology, resources, instruction, and opportunities for collaboration that maximize student learning. 

Circulation Procedures

  • All books and materials must be checked out at the circulation desk by a Wildcat Library staff member.
  • Current ECHS Student IDs are preferred when checking out materials. 
  • Students may check out as many library books as they want, this does not include textbooks.
  • Library books can be borrowed for 30 school days and can be renewed either in the library or online.  Students may renew at the library circulation desk or online through their Destiny account. 
  • Textbooks are issued from the AV room for the entire school year and must be returned by the end of the school year.
  • To return all borrowed library materials, students may use the drop slot that is located at the circulation desk in the library. Textbooks should be returned to the AV room.
  • Students are able to place holds and renew library books through Destiny Discover.  The library communicates all messages through email about renewals, holds, and overdue materials. The library will hold materials for five school days when holds are placed on specific library materials. 

Fines/Fees/Missing Books

Students are responsible for returning all materials promptly and in good condition; any lost or damaged materials will be assessed fines based on the following criteria and will become the student’s financial responsibility:

  • Students will be temporarily denied borrowing privileges if they have overdue materials or have not paid for lost or damaged books.  
  • Not sure if you owe overdue library books or textbooks from previous school years?  Check out the overdue list that is on the left wall when you first enter the library.  Or visit one of the Wildcat Librarian staff members at the circulation desk and simply ask about your record, and we will be happy to help. Plus, you can check your record online by accessing Destiny through the portal at Student Portal
  • Overdue library and textbook notices are sent by email every Monday morning at 7 AM to the student and parent account registered in Aeries. 
  • Life happens.  Please inquire at the circulation desk on how to pay for or replace missing or damaged books.
  • There are consequences for students who fail to return or pay for books long overdue:
    • Suspension of checkout privileges
    • Withholding of Homecoming and Prom tickets
    • Transcripts withheld until books are returned or replacement fees are paid.

Procedures and Passes

  • No passes are required before 7:30 AM or after 2:20 PM or during Lunch.
  • Students coming to the library during periods 1-6 without a teacher must have a pass from class signed by the teacher.  No pass means no library use during school time, and the student will be sent back to class.  Only one student name per pass. 
  • If a student has an unassigned period then he/she is welcome to work in the library, but the student must present their current ECHS ID and show the attendance verification sticker on the back of the ID to be admitted to use the library.
  • All students are required to sign in at the circulation desk and sign out before leaving.  This helps with verification and shows that a student was at the library.

Computer Usage/Printing

  • There are 29 computers in the library that are available for students to use to complete assignments.
  • Teachers who have signed up to use the library are guaranteed to use the computers first before students who are sent to the library during class time. 
  • Computers and internet usage should be for schoolwork only.  All internet sites should be school appropriate.  Computers are not intended for non-educational games and the student’s computer privileges will be revoked in the library if he/she does not comply.  The student will be sent back to class or asked to leave the library.  Documentation will be sent to the office if further disciplinary action is required.
  • Students are able to print assignments and school-related items for free.  Any personal printing is 10 cents a page.  Color printing is available.  Color printing is 50 cents a page regardless if it is school related or personal.  Please check at the front desk in regards to color printing. 


  • A library is a quiet place for students to complete assignments. 
  • Remember to eat outside before entering the library.  Keep water bottles away from the computers.
  • Students should sit in the chairs at the tables or computers in the main room.  Students are not permitted to sit or lie down on the floors anywhere in the library.
  • Cell phone and earbuds usage is only permitted during non instructional times. 
  • Cell phone conversations need to be taken outside.

Library Catalog

  • ECHS uses Follett Destiny software for all library and textbook transactions.  Students and ECHS staff members with internet access and an OUSD login ID may locate, preview, and renew all books and electronic resources in the El Camino High School library collection at:  

                     Destiny Discover Website

  • Login and password are the exact same that you use to log in to any desktop computer on campus.  Plus, every page on the library website has access to Destiny.  Just click on the Destiny logo on the top right/left-hand page.