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Directions for Assignments

amendment, issue, and supreme court project

To help guide you with your project, click on the following images.


Resources, citation guidance, and suggestions to help with your research and presentation skills:

                       Supreme Court of the United States Logo

Example of a Supreme Court  presentation:


Lawsuit from 1944


Click on the image below to access the example cover and reference page in APA format (make a copy of this document since you need to submit one for your project)

APA Cover Page

Your final submission should look like the example!! 


How to make a copy in Google Docs: 


Make a copy of Google Document


Click on the following links to access the Amendment and Issues assignment documents:


Issue and Amendment Grading Rubric

Issue and Amendment Content Musts


Click on the following links to access the Supreme Court Case assignment documents:


Supreme Court Case Grading Rubric

Supreme Court Case Content Musts


Email us if you have any questions and do not forget to submit your presentation through Google Classroom and have your APA cover and reference page printed:




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