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The Academic Acceleration and Recovery Center (AARC) at El Camino High School is an independent study-based program that offers students and families an alternative educational opportunity that more specifically adapts to students’ individual needs, interests, aptitudes, and abilities.

El Camino students have a variety of goals upon entering AARC.  Some students are credit deficient and need an opportunity to accelerate credits in order to graduate on time.  Other students are not credit deficient, but rather need or prefer the flexible independent study format due to a variety of personal situations and goals, including graduating early.  AARC curriculum is standards-based A-G/college prep certified and is equivalent in quantity and quality to that of the main campus program.

Students are referred to the AARC through their main campus counselor.  Once the student and parent complete the intake process with the AARC Counselor-Coordinator, a Master Agreement for Independent Study is developed, which outlines the student’s educational program.  The student is assigned a two-hour block time, which is to be attended Monday through Friday.  AARC students may also be concurrently enrolled in up to two main campus courses.  While AARC students have a shortened school day, they must continue their studies independently at home for at least three hours. 

Once enrolled, AARC students are assigned to a supervising teacher, who provides the student coursework based on the Master Agreement.  Generally, students are assigned one course at a time and are expected to complete each course in three weeks or less.  Within this structure, students who accelerate their efforts have the opportunity to complete more credits per semester than would be possible in the regular comprehensive setting.  While AARC students receive intensive individual assistance and direction, they must meet a higher level of personal discipline and responsibility with their independent studies or they will not be successful in AARC. 

For more information, please contact your child’s counselor or call the AARC at 760-901-8100.

Vince Daughrity, Counselor-Coordinator

Jill Rizzuto, Guidance Technician

Samantha Nuno, School-Community Advisor (Spanish)